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Poppy aka Jasmine
  Cannot help but go on and on about Poppy. She is doing great!  Every day she’s becoming more and more playful with us.  She’s...
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Poppy’s aka Sandy’s First Year!
Thank you so much for the gift of Poppy (previously Sandy). She’s had an exciting first year! We just finished her last CGC class, and...
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Ducky and Dory Sister Playdate
The two cuties came from a remote part of TX last April.  They got together for a play-date and are going to keep in touch!
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Pippi aka Kaia Loves the Outdoors!
We adopted Pippi nka Kaia on June 1st 2018. Kaia is now 6 months and almost 30lbs. She loves playing with other dogs and all...
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Happy Life Dempsey!
Dempsey is doing great. We love him so much and he is super snuggly and loves belly rubs. He is also a wild ball of...
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Sophie aka Gloria’s Gotcha Day!
Would love to show pictures from Sophie's (formerly Gloria) first 12 months with me!
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Wasabi and Fred!
Hi! Wasabi, now named Gromit, is happy, healthy, and loving life! He loves his daily walks and sleeping in mom and dad's bed. Our son...
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Happy Gotch Day Taffeta!
Taffeta, now Lilly, came from Houston the summer before last. She's all beautiful and grown up!
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Pixie On Her First Day On The Job!
  Pixie on her first day at work! I have changed her name to Circe (Sear-see – the Greek Goddess of Magic) and she was...
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Bruna Finally Picked her Human!
Bruna came from the Houston area in May of 2017. She did not find her human until April of 2018. Not from lack of trying...
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Happy Gotcha Day Marty!
Hi 4p4l team! A year ago yesterday Nick and I brought home Hugo (formerly known as Marty). We have been obsessed with him since day...
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Luna and Her Human!
                                                Luna came from a remote part of TX in March. Now she has a little boy to grow up with!
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Nice Shirt Woody!
  Woody is settling in beautifully and is hands-down the smartest dog I've ever had the pleasure of calling my own. I would love to...
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Nice Ride Sadie!
Hi 4p4l. It's been about 3 months since I adopted Sadie the pit bull. I've since then changed her name to olive and while I'd...
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Nick Nick is Quick Quick!
Thanks for the follow up! "Nick Nick" has been a delightful addition to our family, and at times, a real persistent pain in the bee-hind....
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Check out Hammy and His DNA Test!
Ranger, (aka Hammy) adopted last Friday, is doing just fine and is a very happy and loved ( and spoiled) pup! Thank you for all...
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Pretty Princess!
Princess was renamed Sophie & she’s been such a wonderful addition to my life. She is such a sweetheart & is a very happy, healthy...
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Ducky Thinks She is “The Queen of England”
  Happy Life Your Majesty!   Ducky has been so absolutely therapeutic for me. She is my child and essentially lives like the Queen of...
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Missy Gotcha Day!
Missy (formerly Izzy) has been the most wonderful addition to our little family. She's a sweet girl who loves cuddles, chewing on sticks, prancing, playing...
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Happy Gotcha Day Oreo!
Oreo came here from TX a year ago. Since coming he has done done a "14'er"  Grays Peak. Altitude 14,278. A common love for people...
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Happy Life Snoopy!
Hi there!!!! So there was another dog named snoopy in the family so my little man is now Dug. He is the best. One of...
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Say Cheese Mr Cheese!
 Cheese is now Scout.  Look at his first year! Here are some picture updates. We love 4 Paws 4 Life and all that you do!
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Maverick Has a Great Job!
Hey guys, I wanted to update you all on Mr. Derek. ( aka Maverick) We adopted him in January of 2017. We have conquered his...
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Happy Life Miss Heaven!
Etta (formerly Heaven) is the absolute sweetest little girl. She was a bit timid to the world at first, but she’s now a social butterfly....
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Venus and Maxine Catching Some Rays!
  Venus and our other cat Maxine love cuddling in the sun room. As you can see she is extremely lazy lol.
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Pezzi and Her Older Sister Kaylin!
Hi! Our sweet Ellie (original name was Pezzi) has been a member of our family for 3 months now. She is such a little lovebug!...
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Ubiza is Pretty Talented with Her Ears!
  We adopted “Ubiza” June 1. We’ve named her Indy. She’s doing great! She’s crazy and fun and loves her big sister. DNA testing shows...
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Rita aka Nala You Have Beautiful Eyes and Happy Face!
This is Nala , formerly known as Rita! Adopted in March this year from you guys ! Nala is super happy and healthy She has...
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Sweet Dreams Milky!
Milky came from the Houston area in July. Looks like he likes it here in Colorado!
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Happy Life Eddie aka Winston!
  Hey guys! Here's an update on my little guy, Eddie "Winston", since I've adopted him he's been absolutely amazing! When I had adopted him...
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Ava aka Eva Happy Life of Chasing Balls and the Kitty!
  To everyone at 4 Paws 4 Life, My husband and I adopted Eva (who was formally known as Ava) about a month ago and...
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Check Out Jasper’s DNA Test!
Hi I just wanted to send an update on Jasper ! He's doing so well gaining confidence every day. He loves his brother Wizzy and...
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