Wilma Picked the Best Family!

We are so excited Wilma finally found her family!  She was a Diamond in the Ruff pup for us. We were so stumped as to why she kept getting overlooked. Well no more Miss Wilma, you have found the perfect home!

Happy Life Wilma

Rachel here. My husband forwarded me this email and I thought I should respond. Wilma has fit in quick. We call her Winnie because she is as sweet and cute as Winnie the Pooh!. Winnie loves her new little yard. She enjoys playing with chewy our 8 month old pup, they play tug of war with a rope and loves to play fight with each other (never has it gotten aggressive) But must of all they loves to snuggle together. Winnie was such a great addition, she loves my 1, 3, and 10 year old kids, she’s so sweet and kind and patient. And even though my three year old autistic daughter gets in her face alot!, Winnie has picked her as a sleeping buddy and they snuggle in bed together every night! Winnie has learned new tricks and to even help chewy heal on a leash, so they teach each other. I feel she knew she was home furever when we got her, her pink collar and pink tag to match, also her own couch to match chewys, and maybe too many treats.

We love Winnie so very much and feel she has been a great asset to the family! Here’s a few pictures of the cuteness.