Our animals can come from some hard backgrounds and living in the shelter can make their lives even more stressful. This can sometimes reflect badly when it comes to adoption time. Someone may only see the stress and anxiety when they’re a really great pet underneath that! Going to a foster home allows them the chance to experience home life and all that that can entail. Whether that’s getting used to living with kids or other animals, or simply learning all the comforts a family and home can provide! We ask for frequent pictures and bios on our animals so that we can get an understanding of their true personalities and make sure their online profile reflects who they are to potential adopters. This often speeds up the adoption process because our fosters are eliminating many unknowns from the equation! If fosters are able to work on potty training or leash training this is also a huge help and adopters really appreciate the work put into it! It’s also an extremely rewarding and valuable experience for our fosters!


Category: Fostering