How do I know who is available to foster?

When you’re ready to foster and you’ve completed the foster application and terms of acknowledgment you can join our foster Facebook page to view/get alerted of available animals in need of foster care. You can also contact our foster coordinator for help finding a...

Why is fostering important?

Our animals can come from some hard backgrounds and living in the shelter can make their lives even more stressful. This can sometimes reflect badly when it comes to adoption time. Someone may only see the stress and anxiety when they’re a really great pet underneath...

Can I adopt my foster or foster to adopt?

The same as above applies if you would like to adopt your foster pet. Be aware that your foster can be online adopted at anytime, so you will need an approved application and deposit to move forward.

Can my friends/family adopt my foster?

If your friends/family would like to adopt they must submit an adoption application and pay the adoption fee once approved. We cannot guarantee that they will get the pet since anyone can adopt them online at anytime.  

How long does a foster assignment last?

This depends on the dog and the amount of time it takes for them to be adopted (puppies tend to get adopted faster than adults, but it varies). It is also dependent on the time a foster can dedicate to the animals in our care. We understand when they have plans and...