Tunafish! Interesting New Name! Ariel adopted in Oct. of 2015

WE are super lucky you adopted Miss Tunafish. She has found the perfect family. Thank you for sharing this update. Yes some need some extra TLC. Emotionally and physically. DNA tests are always fun and this one is very interesting!

We were super lucky to adopt a shy puppy from 4Paws4Life in October 2015! With some extra love and training, she has blossomed into a confident dog who loves to hike with us, play fetch, and swim her heart out. Y’all made the adoption process easy and even helped cover her spay and minor medical expenses right out of the gate (ear infection and mites). Thank you for all that you do! Here is a picture of Tunafish (formerly Ariel) from a large litter of ‘shepard mixes.” A DNA test tells us she is Lab/Akita/Mastiff, thankfully she was the runt and only weighs 50lbs