Tuffy’s New Life: Success Story

  Tuffy has led a charmed life and thanks to his wonderful new family it will continue!

This was him a few months ago. His Dad passed away and he was left very sad. Ken and Tuffy did everything together.

 His family contacted our rescue and we of course offered to find him a new home.  So many of our 4 Paws family stepped up and offered to take him in.  Tuffy was adopted quickly and this is a picture of him and his “girl”. They are inseparable. Her mom and her gave him his new happy start and he settled right in.
This little guy has of course missed his Dad and their family. We are in contact with them and they could not be happier. Tuffy’s new lifestyle has not changed much. He is totally loved and spoiled. He goes everywhere with them . This is him at his first baseball game!