Ted aka Emma Won Her First 5K!



Just sending over an update on Emma (formerly known as “Ted”)!

We can’t believe it’s been a year since we picked our baby girl up – it was love at first sight and we can’t imagine our lives without her now. Emma has grown up into a beautiful girl, is so playful and unbelievably sweet. She gets along great with any dog and LOVES kids, as well as hiking, being petted, and going for runs with her mom and Dad! PB, ice cream, and any kind of fish are her favorite treats 😉
In the summer she loves to swim to stay cool, and looks like a coyote as she pounces through tall grasses for little animals. And, in the winter she is non-stop – snow is her favorite!
Over the past year she’s modeled for a local dog-food truck company called Winnie Lou, won a 5k, and traveled cross-country to explore new places. (And hasn’t let it get to her head – yet 😉 )
We are beyond grateful for you all for bringing her into our lives, and look forward to the many many fun adventures ahead of us 🙂

Attached are some pics!