We adopted a female puppy which you had named “Tootie” on 3-7-17.

 We have named her “Biscuit” and are very happy with her. Biscuit is progressing very well and now weighs 17 lbs. (4-1/2 when we got her).  She is a feisty, strong-willed, and playful puppy.  I have enclosed two pictures, one taken at the vet when she received her rabies shot and the other of her in the back yard with her favorite toy, a stick.

Whoever was Biscuits foster home did a very good job.  The second day we had Biscuit, we had some old newspapers on the floor.  Biscuit went over and used them for her potty, so obviously her housebreaking went very smoothly.  We have gradually opened up the house to her and when we are home she has complete run of the house.  When we are out she gets the yard and one large rec room.

One additional picture, taken about a week after we got Biscuit.  By the way the name Biscuit comes from the movie Seabiscuit which had the line that the horse ate a lot and slept a lot.

Tom & Patty