Good Afternoon!

Rex is doing fantastic! He has been the most amazing addition to our lives! I am so excited they reached out he is such a loving dog we were sure that he would be missed and have wondered what adventures he had before he joined our family.

There are so many things to say I don’t even know where to begin, unfortunately I am at work so I’ll do a quick run down but if they would like more stories beyond this blip I am happy to share more!

We have just been having a ball since day one, except for my two cats they took their time warming up to the Pup but are finally coming around haha. We have quite a bit of property and wild life and Rex has been right at home. He seems particularly curious about the deer and elk but surprisingly well mannered. He is also quite popular in the neighborhood and really loves to take a moment to lean on any one who stops by to visit. My Mom calls him an equal opportunity lover as he will give loving to everyone in the room at his own pace. We learned very quickly that Rex loves car rides. If we leave any of the truck or car doors open he is all over it, and has even ran to my neighbors house and jumped in their car for an attempted joy ride. He is just amazing with my niece and nephew as well with my friends children. He’s so gentle with the small kids, every encounter and the children want to take him home. He loves stuffed animals and has one teddy bear he just won’t shread. He has his own chair but still insists he is a bed dog, he is winning that battle 🙂

I have to run for now but I would absolutely love to share more if you would like just let me know.

I want to say Thank you so much to the group in Texas as well as to you and Paws 4 Life Rex has been an absolute blessing and has brought so much love to my Family and everyone he meets.

Thank you for reaching out I hope your day is going wonderful!

Jamie Shanley