White Whiskers Program

Bear's Success Story

Bear lived his entire life in a puppy mill with little or no time outside his cage. Like so many others, this 7-year-old shit tzu was sent to a kill shelter when they no longer had use for him.

With no social skills and severe ulcerations in his eyes, the odds for Bear’s adoption seemed bleak.

The White Whiskers Program gave Bear a second chance in life by taking him into our care for 6 months and paying for the surgery he needed.   Although he lost one eye due to prolonged and severe damage to it and must receive eye drops daily for the rest of his life, he has recovered and lives a normal life now.

Bear lives with his new family, a retired couple that adore and care for him the way he deserves. This is what the White Whiskers program is all about…happy endings for our senior dogs!

White Whiskers is where you will find all of our distinguished adult to senior dogs! Senior dogs are some of the hardest dogs to get adopted. Most people walk into a shelter, or an adoption event, and walk straight towards the puppies, passing by all of the young adult or senior dogs. Puppies are adorable, their tiny size and silly antics are hard to ignore, but puppies are also a lot of work! 

There are many advantages to adopting senior and adult dogs. They are already full grown, and their personalities are pretty well established, so there is no guessing if they will fit into your house or your lifestyle. They are usually already housebroken, which means a lot less cleanup, and a lot more sleep for you! Senior dogs also have a more moderate energy level. They make excellent walking, hiking, couch-snuggling companions. 

Even better than all of these reasons is the knowledge that you made a difference and gave a dog a second chance at a good life and a loving home. Senior dogs are often in more danger in shelters than young puppies- these healthy, well behaved, sweet dogs who are good with both people and other dogs, are often killed just because they don’t have enough space in the shelter to keep them!

If you are interested in adopting a senior dog, please send any inquiries to info@4p4l.org.

If you are interested in learning more about fostering senior dogs, please email Foster@4P4L.org.

Please consider being a companion and guardian to one of these dogs, they may have White Whiskers, but they still have many more years and a lot more love to give!