Tuff Luck Chuck Medical Fund

Tuff Luck Chuck Medical Fund

The Tuff Luck Chuck Medical Fund of 4 Paws 4 Life Rescue is how funds are raised for rescue animals in our care that have special needs.  We have helped dogs with orthopedic injuries, abuse related injuries, congenital deformities/conditions, and others.

Dogs with these conditions are given priority for euthanization in shelters across the country.  Caring for dogs with special needs takes effort, patience, love and medical attention; all of which we at 4 Paws 4 Life Rescue can provide for them.

Once the dogs have healed, they can attend our adoption events and begin searching for their new family, giving them a chance at life they would not otherwise have had.  Of course, the cost is often high and each case is different so we aim to raise the money needed for their surgeries.  Would you help us?

Below are some of the stories of our Tuff Luck Chuck recipients.

Milton- a senior dog, partially blind with a collapsed trachea

Thank you for writing to check up on Milton. I have to admit when I told my husband I adopted a blind dog, all he said was “you adopted a blind dog?” After his comment, I was a little worried however, once he met Milton my worries were gone. I could see right away he was going to fall in love with Milton as I did and he has. Others thought I was crazy for adopting a special needs dog and again, everyone who meets him falls in love with him. My mother wants him for herself. My grandson adores him and has nicknamed him Mil Mil.

Milton has adapted to life in the Wilson household quite well. He has a new doggie brother named Levi. Levi is a two year old Maltese and he loves Milton to pieces. Maybe a little too much, sometimes Milton would like it if Levi would just leave him alone so he goes and finds a safe place to lay down and take a break. Milton also has a new cat sister named Calie. Calie and Milton don’t interact much as Calie stays away from both dogs for the most part, typical feline.

I was worried about Milton finding his way about but, given a little time he is doing great. He can find his way around the house as well as the back yard. He knows when we say down, there is a step and if we say up, there is a step. Yes, he has taken a couple of mis-steps off the patio but for the most part he has adapted very well and has no issues getting around, finding his food, toys etc. He loves belly scratches and I can put him to sleep (I call it a doggie coma) in no time just by loving him and scratching his belly.

Milton was taken to the vet his first week with us and has been slowly taken off some of the medication he was on for his collapsed trechia. He now only takes one pill for his cough each day and some days he does not even need that. Much of the time his cough can be calmed with a little lovin’. Milton goes to the vet this month to have his teeth cleaned and sadly will probably have to have a couple of extractions but, he is 8 years old, I guess that is to be expected.

We could not be happier with Milton and we hope we can provide a happy life for him, no matter how much time he has with us. Attached are a couple of pictures of Milton. Some by himself and a couple with his doggie brother Levi.

Thanks for all you do for these wonderful animals.

Hobbs – adopted in April 2016 with a leg injury

We renamed her Kiah. She’s doing so well. We love her and she’s up to 36 pounds now. We didn’t have to get her toe amputated after all because Dr. G took care of it. She’s an awesome member of our family and we’re taking great care of her.

Mike Furtado, Adopter

Hallie – Dermititus

Thanks for your message. Akie and I have adjusted very well to our new family member. We ended up renaming her the day we brought her home so her new name is Maggie.  We took her to the vet the first week we had her and found out that she had skin mites and that’s why her hair wasn’t coming in on her stomach and chest. We gave her some Bravecto and her hair is now coming back in nicely. She’s still itchy from time to time but it’s certainly better than it was.

Maggie weighed around 40 pounds when we adopted her and the last time we weighed her at Unleashed she weighed 45 pounds. We can still just barely see her ribs so she’s a much healthier weight now. She’s been loving her Blue Buffalo dog food, rawhide and jerky treats and her favorite, lamb lung.

I have been taking her on a morning jog and we both walk her when we get home from work. We hired a dog walker to come over around lunch time and give her a midday walk as well. One the weekends we have been taking her to open space parks and she got to meet some cow friends a few weeks ago.

I have attached several photos of Maggie so you can see how she looked when we adopted her and how much healthier she looks now. Please let me know if you would like any more updates or pictures as we’re happy to send that your way. Have a great rest of your weekend.

Tuff Luck Chuck Medical FundThis sweet little bundle was rescued from a high-kill shelter then adopted by a loving family.  They named him Champ but little did they know how soon he would live up to his name!

You see, shortly after his adoption, his family noticed something wrong when Champ stood or walked even just a little.  They soon discovered he had two luxating patellas, or floating kneecaps, on his two back knees. He would need surgery or pain medication for the rest of his life! Since Champ was young, only 1 year old, they decided on surgery. They wanted him to go on long walks and play with the other dogs.  Although many suggested the family return Champ to the rescue, that was completely out of the question.  They already loved him too much.  Champs mom reached out to 4 Paws 4 Life Rescue for assistance instead.

With the help of 4 Paws 4 Life, Champ had a successful surgery.  With lots of love and care from his family, Champ is expected to make a full recovery within 2 months.

4 Paws 4 Life Rescue used funds from the Tuff Luck Chuck Medical Fund (TLC). Dogs like Champ are the reason these programs exist. The family was thrilled that we contributed to the surgery and we couldn’t have done it without your donations, so thanks!