Pop, You Have it Made !

I am so glad you sent this. I have been meaning to give your team an update for the last couple days and just got busy. I am happy to report that everything is going very well with Pop, whose new name is George. We debated keeping his name but he really didn’t seem to respond to that name much and somehow George just fits him. He answered to it after just a day. We got the rabies shot, registered in Adams County, and updated the microchip.

As you know, we already had a dog (PitBull named Shilo). The first couple days they just had to figure each other out and with proper supervision, patience, and positive reinforcement, George and Shilo are best buds already! They play hard, sleep hard, and snuggle even harder.

We are so happy that all turned out well. We really wanted to give George the awesome life he deserves. This is such a misunderstood breed and they just need smart, loving humans to let them shine.

I attached a few pics and hope that you enjoy! Thank you all for helping us find our new companion and for giving George a chance when he needed it most!


Happy Life Pop