Pet Help

Lost and Found Pets


We understand that missing a pet is very difficult.  Therefore, we’ve partnered with the PetCo Love Lost program to help owners find their furry family members as soon as possible. 

If you’ve found a stray animal, please take the animal to your local municipal shelter.  The local shelter will be able to scan the animal for a microchip and potentially start a reunification process. We do not have an open intake for stray animals as we are so focused on helping overpopulated shelters where thousands of pets are at high-risk of euthanasia.

Return a 4P4L Pet


While we expect that each adoption will be a life-long commitment, we understand that there are extenuating circumstances that may arise.  Our adoption contract states that you must contact us should you become unable to provide for your pet.


Help with a non-4P4L Pet


Whether you are being deployed, had a change in living-situation, or have become unable to care for your pet, we are happy to work with you to try to direct you toward the best solution possible.

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