Peetie and his Cute Under Bite: Success Story

Check out Peetie and his beautiful smile!

Please note we have changed Peetie’s name to Eddie and he is doing great. He has been a wonderful addition to our home adding so much love and laughter.

He’s 9lbs now, runs so fast and is VERY smart. He rings a bell when he wants to go out and rarely has any accidents in the house anymore (only when we disregard his signal). He is extremely social with people, other dogs and gets along famously with cats. We had his DNA done & learned that he is 25% chihuahua, 12.5% pug, 12.5% miniature Schnauzer and all the rest various breeds. He really looks like an Italian Greyhound but there wasn’t any of that in his direct parentage.

We are so happy with our adoption decision – he’s the love of our lives. Here’s a picture. He’s a very handsome boy, in spite of his under bite.