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Our Programs were created to save as many lives as possible.  Our donors can choose to make a general donation or they can choose to specify what their gift supports.


See below where each of our programs is described in detail.


Our Programs

Tuff Luck Chuck Medical Fund

The Tuff Luck Chuck Medical Fund raises funds for animals in our care with special needs. We have helped dogs with orthopedic injuries, abuse-related injuries, congenital deformities/conditions, and more. We’ve funded extensive dental procedures, necessary amputations, and health testing. Dogs with extra needs are typically prioritized for euthanasia in shelters across the country. Caring for animals with special needs takes effort, patience, love and medical attention, all of which we provide for them at 4 Paws 4 Life.

Once dogs are healed, they can attend adoption events and begin searching for their new family, giving them a chance at life they would not otherwise have had. Of course, the cost is often high and each case is different, so we aim to raise the money needed to cover surgeries, etc.

Heart to Heart Program

The Heart to Heart Program is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the adoption and treatment of heartworm positive dogs. Heartworm is not contagious from dog to dog and is a very treatable condition. After only a few short months of treatment, dogs can be cured and live a long, healthy, and active life. The biggest obstacle is the cost. 4 Paws 4 Life is dedicated to saving as many of these otherwise healthy and wonderful dogs as we can. We cover the full cost of treatment for our heartworm positive dogs, which can range anywhere from $500-$1500. Our heartworm positive dogs are still listed for adoption, and we walk potential adopters through the process and what they should expect.

In many shelters, testing positive for heartworms is a death sentence. 4 Paws 4 Life believes that every dog deserves a chance at life. We are one of only a few Colorado based rescues that will pull heartworm positive dogs off of death row and bring them here to Colorado where we get them the treatment they need to live long and healthy lives.

White Whiskers

Our White Whiskers program aims to help as many older and senior animals as possible. Senior dogs are some of the hardest dogs to find families for. Most people walk into a shelter or an adoption event and go straight towards the puppies, totally disregarding the older dogs. We want to help as many of these animals as we can, regardless of the missing teeth, arthritis, or other health conditions they may have. We offer discounted adoption fees for our older cats and dogs even though they can sometimes require the most vet care.

Inspired by Kaylie Rescue Fund

The mission of the Inspired by Kaylie Rescue Fund is to help overlooked dogs that need a little extra help to get adopted through professional training. This fund was initiated by Kaylie’s foster parents, Pam and Jim. Here is her story:

“Kaylie was one of those overlooked dogs at the events and I could never understand why – She is a beautiful dog with pleading eyes who has touched our hearts forever. Kaylie was in the rescue for over 300 days. She and many others gave me the strength to step out of my comfort zone and help some wonderful animals in need. I knew in my heart that Kaylie needed a break from being in a kennel for so long. She came to our home as a foster and blossomed into the dog that I knew she was.

Kaylie was a joy and every day she would show us a little more of her sweet personality. Kaylie’s story has a very happy ending. She found a wonderful family that loves and appreciates her – want to help make more happy endings by giving others like Kaylie the training they need to get them adopted.” -Pam and Jim, former foster parents

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Liberate Mill Dogs

Our Liberate Mill Dogs program aims to raise funds for the dogs we rescue from cruel and inhumane puppy mills across the country. We have partnered with other animal welfare groups to conduct these rescues, meaning we pull animals out of the horrendous conditions of commercial breeding facilities and save them from imminent destruction.

Every experience at the puppy mills is heartbreaking. There are so many dogs that need help and still so many more that are yet to be saved. They live in horrible conditions and have never experienced love or a kind hand. They live in constant fear in tiny kennel enclosures with matted fur and nails embedded into their skin. 

When we make it back to Colorado with the dogs we have rescued, we really have our work cut out for us. Nearly all of them are terrified of humans and do not want to be touched. It is very common for the adult dogs to have rotten teeth, skin issues, eye issues, and other medical needs. During the first puppy mill rescue we conducted in September 2022, nearly 200 teeth were extracted from 19 dogs.

It is very costly for us to help these dogs get healthy, but it is entirely worth it to see them learn to be a dog and blossom into their full selves. Many have been in survival mode for so long that it takes time for them to come out of their shell, but we have witnessed some of the most amazing transformations.

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