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One day. One Week.  Any time that you can foster a pet that would otherwise be euthanized for space at our partner shelters is much appreciated.

Thank you to our fosters who’ve already made a difference in our community.  Welcome to those of you just starting your journey.


Hear from one of our fosters

My name is Nancy Doubek and I started volunteering for 4P4L in the summer of 2019 after my retirement.  I started this adventure by going to the kennels and walking dogs and helping at the adoption events. Then one day I was asked if I would consider fostering a puppy. I said sure I will give it a try. That was a very rewarding experience so I continued fostering. I have fostered puppies, kitties, adult dogs and litters of Momma dog and her puppies. It gives me so much joy to watch a puppy be born, learn to walk, eat and drink from a water bowl. Watching them grow and learn and then go to their forever home is such a warming experience. Many of the dog and puppies they get in need to learn “to dog”. They don’t know how to live in a house, how to play, how to walk on a leash. When you help a dog or puppy learn that and help them socialize you will be filled with awe and amazement. 4P4L will help new fosters find the right foster pet for you and your living situation. Not a dog person they have kitties and cats as well. This is truly the most rewarding experience and the love these animals giving back makes my heart melt.

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How Important are our Fosters?

Our fosters play an invaluable role in the success of our adoptable dogs. There are so many ways to help our adoptable pets.  One of the most important ways is by opening your heart and your home to animals in need. 

When a dog leaves the noisy dog kennel and settles into a foster home, they are able to decompress and allow their personalities to shine through. Having this experience with a foster family is incredibly beneficial to their long-term success and adaptability after adoption and gives us a better idea of their personalities so we can find the best-matched adopters for them. 

How do I become a 4 Paws 4 Life Foster?

Fill out an application using the buttons above.

Once approved, we require a home visit which is available virtually should the need present itself. We will also require the completion of 4 online training courses for insurance purposes and a foster contract. 

How long can I foster?

Short-term foster: You can foster a dog for a week or even just a weekend. 

Regular-term foster: You can foster a rescue pet for the duration of their adoption eligibility. This could be a few weeks up to a few months depending on how long it takes for the dog to get adopted.

Hospice foster: Sometimes we receive animals as they near the end of their lives. This unique opportunity allows foster families to provide a joyful, comfortable environment for a hospice dog, allowing them to find the end of their life with love and dignity. 

Who can I foster?

Senior dogs– low-key house guests waiting for a home of their own. 

Puppies – endless cuteness and kisses, babies who benefit so much from the structure of a home environment. 

Nursing litters – Mamas do so much of the work, your job is to help us keep them clean, warm, and fed as they grow and learn and eventually wean. 

Kittens– litter box trained and endlessly entertaining, kittens just need a room for themselves and plenty of toys!

Adult dogs and cats– adult animals come in so many shapes and sizes and we can help you find the right fit for your home. 

What do I need to provide?

The best part of fostering is that we provide all the supplies you need. We can accommodate you with food, toys, leashes, collars, litter boxes, litter, and anything else we may get donated. You are opening your home to a pet in need so we do everything we can to provide you with the tools to be successful without incurring any costs. 

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