Nixie is now Miss Molly Brown!

We named her Molly and we are spoiling this little punk. “Miss Molly Brown”She is very smart for a baby. Not yappy, but full of energy.
We took her to a pet nutritionist friend of ours and got her set up with a perfect puppy formula of dry food.She has toys, beds, blankies, home made sweet potato chews, treats and we are starting a wardrobe for her.She was the best self Christmas gift we could ever get for ourselves!We are teaching her to ask to go outside to pee and poop.She already can ride in a backpack.She loves to steal insoles.We use roller luggage to block off doorways.We have a home business and she goes with us on deliveries, so she won’t be alone much.She is also small enough for carry on luggage.Below is a small sample of her growing photo album.

Thank you so much for this little angel!

Kelley, Maria, Connie and Janie