New Update on Buck! Great Movie Buck!

Buck’s family sent us a new video.  His rescue story just keeps getting better and better!




We received a new update on Buck. This boy had some serious medical issues and his wonderful family made him well again. Lot’s of love, time, and patience healed him. We can’t thank them enough for taking him into their family! Here is the original story..

“The verdict is still out on Buck’s leg surgery. We go back to CSU tomorrow for follow up Xrays and then again in mid July. Aside from that issue we are great. My favorite thing about our adoption is that my 8 yr old son is training Buck. My son has Aspergers so Buck has been a big transition. Because Buck is an adult dog and came roughly knowing his basic commands my son feels incredibly successful and is building his self confidence. My youngest son was afraid of dogs and wanted a much smaller one. Buck was “too soft”, “too big” and “too licky” etc. but seeing my oldest work with Buck has also brought my little one around. He now pets Buck and wants to “train” him.

Adopting an adult dog was the best thing we could have done for our family. Buck filled a place in me that I did not know needed filling. Our cat is also SO much happier. He has stopped going to the neighbors house and getting kitty treats. When Buck is not home Timmy (cat) walks around meowing. We are also quite a sight walking on our trail: me, 2 boys, a dog and a cat. After 2 months I can say he is fully adjusted, knows his potty routine and rhythm, and we are totally at peace.

Adopting him is not all hearts and roses. He is very expensive, there is white fur everywhere, and we do have to pick up poop. 🙂 I would never trade him for another dog – ever!”

Here is the new update…

Buck is doing so well. His bones have mended and now he’s in physical therapy. Since his leg never really had muscles we do lots of exercises. Good thing I’m an athlete and appreciate the benefits of PT! He is much more confident around people and dogs. Way less fear barking. He is off all meds and on high doses of fish oil for his joints. He seems really comfortable and spunky but still his mellow sweet loving self.
Waves at the beach we’re quite interesting to him but he is not a swimmer- yet?. He loves to run around in the sand.