Momma Sandee and Her Pups cam to us in April!

Momma Sandee and her four pups Sailor, Shelley, Star, and Sunny. Here is an update on Sandee and Star.  We are still waiting to hear back from Sailor and Shelly but with update this story when we get them.  Happy endings are always wonderful to see!


The update from Sandee’s new family!  Love the new name!

“Hello! She’s doing very well! We actually re-named her to Tellulah. She’s spoiled rotten and is queen of the house!”


This is the update from Star’s family!


“Star is doing good.  She weighs about 32 pounds and is very very full of energy!  She is good and sit and stay and fetching her toys.  Still needs to work on come and drop it but that is slowly coming along.  
The newest tricks she is learning are shake and play dead.  Attached are some photos.”