Meet Emory Peter Payne!

From the Streets of Houston to the shoulders of his Daddy!

Shannon and Michael here, with our three month update of Mr. Emory. We are forever grateful for running into this rescue and believe that nothing short of fate could have brought Emory to us. He is the light of our lives, and it’s hard to believe he’s been in our family for only three months, because the love and joy he has brought us is worth more than ten lifetimes.

Emory’s favorite things in the world are snuggles with mom and dad, playing with all of his friends at the dog park, visiting his dog-aunt and dog-uncle at Shannon’s parents house, testing his cat-sister’s patience, his copious amount of toys, chasing ice cubes, and sleeping in!
He is the most loving, compassionate animal we’ve ever met, and truly our best friend. We are looking forward to years of memories, goofiness, and face kisses from our sweet baby boy.
Thank you for making this companionship possible and helping us complete our wonderful family!
Here are some of our favorite memories so far, infinity more to come!!!!
We hope this message finds you well!
Shannon, Michael, and Emory