Luke is Quite the Toe-Tapper! Distemper Survivor!

We got a wonderful update on Luke.  He was adopted a year ago and is a distemper survivor. He could not have found a more perfect home! Love this!


Dear 4 Paws 4 Life,

I had fully intended on updating you about the amazing dog we adopted last year sooner, but somehow a year has flown by and I never did!  We adopted Luke nearly 1 year ago from 4P4L and he has been an absolute joy.  Luke is a “special needs” pup who had distemper in a previous life and now has a tic in his front leg. The tic is still present and probably won’t go away (per his vet), but we’ve become so used to it, it would be weird if he didn’t have it! It’s especially funny when he just so happens to tap in time with a song that’s playing.  ? I know it sounds bad, but we’re glad no one else adopted him, because he has been the most special addition to our family.  We are madly in love with him and life wouldn’t be the same without him.  Luke has had quite a year too – he’s been camping and fishing, on tons of car trips, stayed in a log cabin, chased rabbits in the yard, played with other dogs, eaten his fill of paw benders (his favorite), and gotten tons of love. He loves lounging in the sun and chewing on bones!  Everyone who meets him immediately falls in love.  Please let his foster family know that he is amazing and happy.  I’ve attached a few pics for you all so you can see his adventures.  Thank you again for all that you do!  You are a wonderful organization.