Hi Suzie and Kim,

It has been nearly two years since I adopted Butters (formerly Birdy) from 4 Paws for 4 Life at the Lakewood PetCo. But I wanted to follow up to let you know that she is going great! She has been such a great companion  and has definitely blossomed into the dog she was meant to be.
The first few months were tough dealing with her abandonment issues, but we worked through them and she has really settled in. As a rescue she still has some quirks that I work on, but overall she is a great dog. People always ask me what kind of dog she is, and I say she is a rescue.
As Butters began to explore her new surroundings she discovered Cherry Creek Dog Park. She loves jumping into the water after a ball. The first time she did this I was amazed since I did not know she liked to swim! Another favorite of hers is to go to HobNob doggie day care once a week so she can socialize. She has become one of the staff’s favorite because of her sweet personality and playful attitude.
As a photographer I began to really focus on shooting Butters in her natural element. Running, jumping, swimming, playing. sleeping, etc. I wanted to share some of those photos with you as tribute to the work you both do for 4 Paws 4 Life.
Eric M
“the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated”.  – Gandi