Littermates Waco, Walsall, Whitby, Witchita, Winnipeg, Witten, and Wuhu Reunion

Wednesday and her 7 very cute pups came to us after being pulled from a high kill shelter in TX by a transport group. They arrived February of 2015. All found happy homes and are going to get together to share information and possibly a play date. Wouldn’t that be fun! We love when our littermates get together and are happy to share this story. Our adopters and our rescue pups are very special to us. Enjoy reading their Stories!


Witten                           Whitby Walsall  


Waco now Darwin “Waco has grown to be such a wonderful companion. We renamed him Darwin. His favorite thing to do is socialize with other dogs no matter what size or age! He even comes to Veterinary job to help out! Darwin is a  gentle, intelligent and loving soul We would love to find his other litter mates for the ultimate play date!” I love snow!
“Lo has grown into a very playful, smart 2 year old and excels at all that we ask of her. She’s very competitive with other dogs and absolutely wants to be the star of show. She’s learned to swim and enjoys hiking when she’s able. She spends her nights curled up next to the person next to her and her days bothering her sister to play with her. She’ll grab your heart in a second if you let her.” Witten now Lo
Wuhu now Grady Wuhu’s family initiated this get together. They actually live in CA but often wondered about his littermates.

“I look at Grady every day and feel so blessed. He’s such a love bug.”

I can really hear well with these ears!
Walsall now Mera “Mera has developed into a wonderful companion and we love her dearly. She gets along with other dogs beautifully.  She has been pure delight, an excellent traveler and loves to go shopping at dog friendly stores.  She loves to play and goes to the dog park or open space just about everyday.  I’ve never had a pup that loves to run and romp in the snow as much as Mera does. She is happy, healthy and such a beautiful girl.  We love her so much!!! “ My sisters Aspen and Bella! My besty Duke!
Whitby now Scout
He’s grown up to be such a handsome and funny man! All of our friends and family love him because he is such a unique and expressive dog. He’s also a very loyal, energetic, and snugly dog that we love having.  Him and his brother are used frequently to help socialize dogs (both young and old) due to Scout’s ability to be incredibly submissive and also ready to play for hours. Thank you for fostering such a good boy, we love him so much (minus the occasional digging, still working on that haha)! Here are some recent pictures of him that I hope you guys will enjoy as well.
My Bro!We have the same smile! I love my kitty!
                       Witchita now Roman Roman is very happy and as you can see by his pictures, very loved and spoiled! My snuggle Duckie!
Winnipeg is now Savoy, a lovable, but grumpy soul.  He is for sure the family dog.  He loves the mountains, camping, snuggling :-). Shortly after we got him our Golden Retriever was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma- cancer in every cell of his body- no cure or hope- Savoy was his “nurse” through all of the chemo and treatments we tried.  Savoy was heart broken when Tebow, our golden, passed.  He has been VERY protective over our family since, and filled some big paws.  We take him with us every chance we can>  We are soo grateful we have him!!!

He loves belly rubs, and seems to “talk” to us often.  He walks on just his back legs frequently- so glad we have him:-)

Winnipeg is now Savory


I love my little girl!