Ways to Help

SHOP AT KING SOOPERS.  To Use the King Soopers or City Market Community Rewards Program:  Sign in to your King Soopers or City Market account. Under coupons and rewards, click on community rewards, find 4 Paws 4 Life Rescue or PK644 and add us to your card. Every time you shop the rescue gets rewarded.


DONATE SUPPLIES.  Order something on our wish list and have it sent directly to us. Easy Peasy! http://a.co/dlyh40p

SHOP AT AMAZON.  Sign up to Smile.amazon and every time you make a purchase, Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase. Simply go to smile.amazon.com and choose 4 Paws 4 Life from the list of charitable organizations.

WALK YOUR DOG.  Download the app.  Then login every time you take your dog for a walk to support the dogs at 4 Paws 4 Life Rescue.  It’s as easy as that to show your support.


PURCHASE AND DONATE A BED. Kuranda delivers it directly to our facility.  Our rescue dogs get greater comfort. See our Kuranda Wish List here.


For every purchase you make on Inspired by Nikki, 4 Paws 4 Life Rescue will receive a $5.00 donation.  We know how hard it is to say goodbye to our beloved pets when their time comes to cross the ‘Rainbow Bridge’.  That’s why we love these pet memorials.  Use the promo code “4P4L” and the donation will be sent in your name, making you the official donor supporting the animals in our care.

Visit www.inspiredbynikki.us to view their products.

SPONSOR A DOG    Did you know…

  • It costs approximately $15.00 to vaccinate a dog.
  • It costs $25.00 to microchip a dog.
  • A dog with heart worm costs us approximately $600.00 to treat and $30.00 per month for additional medications.
  • A dog in foster care needs food (about $30.00 per month).
  • It costs $100.00 to spay or neuter a dog.
  • Some dogs need dental care.  Costs are from $250.00 – $350.00.
  • Health certificates to be transported cost $25/dog
You can choose to sponsor a particular dog or sponsor to help all of the dogs in our care.  The choice is yours.  Any way you choose to help, know that you are saving a life by doing so.