Did you know…

  • It costs approximately $15.00 to vaccinate a dog.
  • It costs $25.00 to microchip a dog.
  • A dog with heartworm costs us approximately $600.00 to treat and $30.00 per month for additional medications.
  • A dog can sometimes live with their fosters for weeks at a time and with that comes additional costs to feed them (about $30.00 per month).
  • It costs $100.00 to spay or neuter a dog.
  • Some dogs need dental care.  Costs are from $250.00 – $350.00.
  • Health certificates to be transported cost $25/dog
If you cannot foster or adopt right now but want to help them, please consider sponsoring.  Our Heart-to-Heart Program is another opportunity which allows you to sponsor a particular dog, or choose one from our gallery of available dogs or be a sponsor to help all of the dogs in our care.  The choice is yours.  Any way you choose to help, know that you are saving a life by doing so.
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Have questions on how to sponsor a dog in our care?