Hop Along on Her Way to Not Having to Hop Any Longer.

Hop Along came to us with a broken leg. She had surgery and this wonderful family is giving her the TLC she needs for a full recovery!



“Miss Luna (Hop Along) is doing really well! She is so special, isn’t she!?!
She goes on jogs in each morning with me, we have been working up to some running. her wounds and stitches are healed up and well so we have been working in the water to help her engage her back leg. Especially walking up stream in the creek so she has to bear some weight to pull that leg forward. Luna doesn’t take any more pain meds (as she has not expressed a need for any relief!)
I will get you a picture of me and Luna and her dad, Gavin.

When we call her name from afar, she will totally put weight on her back leg without hesitation, but when she is puttsing around the house, she commonly walks with a limp.”

– Lindsey