Hoop! Is that the look of happiness or what!

Update on Hoop(we call him Cooper or Coop now, among other nicknames)

Hoop is a ball of energy, always ready to play and run. Hes crate trained now and very intelligent, when he is not being silly. He loves going for walks now and playing with our 3 year old daughter. He knows over a dozen commands, he is very vocal and just loves life!! When I have a migraine he sleeps on my feet until I feel better, he comforts my daughter if she is upset and makes us laugh with his silly antics. He is very high energy and a joy to have in our family! Right after his 6 month adoption anniversary, he celebrated his first birthday!! He hates having a bath but takes it like a true trooper, as long as he gets treats afterwards of course! I am happy every day that he chose us to be his family. I love him so very much! He is very loving and affectionate, and still believes he is a lap dog! We are so glad for all you do for these animals and I’m so thankful you brought us this crazy love bug to have in our family!! He is a great dog! I attached some pictures of our happy boy for you. Hope you enjoy the update!!