How sweet of you to follow up on little Henry!

My brother, Brian, is very gratified to have Henry as his new canine buddy. Each time I talk to Brian he says that Henry is curled up in his lap or sleeping next to him.

Henry has a lot of grassy space and a cute little doggie playground at his new home in Loveland, CO.

It’s a perfect match for my brother Brian because he’s pretty much always at home and will benefit from taking Henry on walks in his retirement village.

We bought Henry a puffy coat to keep him warm on cold weather walks, a cozy bed, pumpkin puree and Science Diet dog food, as well as squeaky toys, chewies, mini dog biscuits, and a soft body harness.

Henry is everything his foster mom said he’d be. Please let her know that her care in describing Henry was a very big part of Brian choosing him. She really made a big difference in Henry’s life! I attach a photo I took on Saturday of Brian letting Henry roam on leash outside Brian’s patio.

Thanks for my new dog nephew! He is adorable. And thanks for all you do to put animals and loving humans together!