Hennessey aka Hershey Love Your Smile!


Hennessey is adjusting fantastically. He is such a well behaved cuddle bug! We absolutely adore him, and he seems to return the love. He loves to go on adventures with us just as much as he likes napping on our patio. He enjoys swimming and hiking, although he thinks breaks to lay in the shade are a necessity. He is a goofball and has loads of personality that he has started showing us. We have learned that pepperoni is his favorite treat and he knows what drawer they are in, in the fridge. As soon as he hears it he is right there trying to show off his best tricks to get a piece. If he sees you with his leash, he runs to the front door and does a little dance while he waits for you to put your shoes on and get his leash on him. He also gives us hugs, he puts his head against your neck and wraps his legs around you. It’s the cutest thing ever. Thank you for bringing us together! We couldn’t have asked for a better fit.

Thank you,
Adreanna and Corban