Apologies for the delay in response – life has been a bit crazy (tons of adventures with Sterling!) and I just haven’t gotten around to it.  Sterling’s name with you was Howdy, and I found out about him via one of his foster parents who heard I was thinking about expanding my family.   Boy was she right!
I picked up Sterling on 8/31/16, and at the time the poor pup seemed down on his luck (not sure he enjoyed the loudness of the adoption event).  I could carry him with one arm, and took him home with me after getting some supplies.  The first thing I noticed was that he really did not like the car.  When I opened the door he tried to escape, and once I got him in he laid down and was visibly uncomfortable for the trip home. Once I got him home and settled, he came alive with a big puppy smile on his face and an eagerness to climb all over me and the small gathering of folks welcoming him to his new life. I took him to the vet the next day who was happy to report that he was healthy and confident, both good signs for his future.
He just turned 1 (or as close as I can tell) on June 1st, and the past year has been nothing but joy for both of us.  He absolutely loves to be around other people and other dogs, and is happiest at night snuggled comfortably at the foot of my bed.  His biggest behavioral problem right now is jumping up on people to greet them and lick their faces, but over time is getting better and better at containing his excitement.  Usually he’ll jump on someone just to then roll over for a belly rub! I often take him around the city where he just wants to meet every person and every dog he can get to.
  He’s a big hit whenever I take him to a brewery, and usually by the end has gotten a belly rub from every person in the bar and met every other dog there.   He still retains a general fear of getting in cars (especially ones he’s never been in), but since I got a new SUV and set him up in the back, car rides are one of his favorite things now (sometimes he’ll even want to stay in my car after we’ve gotten where we’re going).  He’s always happy, always wants to play, and best of all always wants to be around you.
This is probably my favorite Sterling story, but a few months back I got a complaint about Sterling being in the hallway of my building without a leash.  It was my practice to take him from the elevator to my door without one, and was somewhat upset that a neighbor would complain about that…or so I thought.  I addressed the complaint and told the HOA I’d keep him on the leash from the elevator, though the next day I got another email.  I called them (I was at work) and they told me he was in the hall without a leash again.  I asked how that was possible as I was not there.  I rushed home to find him resting sheepishly under the coffee table (his favorite place to hang out), perplexed and thinking maybe they mistook him for another dog.  I then had an idea, stepped outside the door to my apartment and stood there for a minute.  Sure enough, within about 3 minutes, the handle turned and a little black nose stuck through.  I have bar handles that lock from the inside, but will unlock if turned from the inside. He figured out how to open the doors in the my apartment!  Turns out the complaint was about him just hanging in the hallway when I was gone.  I’ve since replaced the handles with round knobs :).  Everybody thought that was hilarious, and he’s now almost a celebrity around the building (known as the little criminal). Anyways, now for the fun part – pictures! I have no shortage of pictures of him, so let me know if you would like more.
Best Regards,

James & Sterling