Happy Life Miss Heaven!

Etta (formerly Heaven) is the absolute sweetest little girl. She was a bit timid to the world at first, but she’s now a social butterfly. She loves to say hello to anyone willing, and seems to be quite perceptive as she’s instinctively gentle with small kids, little puppies, and even older dogs people. We spend a lot of time in the mountains and she absolutely loves exploring. She’s doing well on leash and on trail, and she even just had her first camp trip this past weekend, where she met her new favorite k9 pal (cuddle pics included). Oh yeah, she LOVES cuddles and practicing her tricks, which she picked up on almost instantly.


I’m on my cell but will follow up with the pics. I’ll including a family pic for the foster as well. I said I’d send one a while back and never got to it.

And if you share on social tag me at @kbascetta. Thanks!