Happy Life Little Cutie Greleigh!

Hi! I wanted to share our success story after adopting Greleigh (her name is now Belle). My 5 year old daughter has been DYING for a dog for a while, but we live in an apartment and I work full-time so the answer has always been “when we have a house, we can get a dog”. I decided that we could get a puppy as long as it was a smaller breed that wouldn’t suffer from not having a large yard to run in. I found Greleigh while looking for puppies online and was instantly in love with her! When I decided to adopt her, my kids were with their dad for the week and they had no clue I was doing this! I went to pick her up at Petco and she immediately climbed up and laid her little head on my shoulder. I was in love with her! I was able to establish a routine with her before the kids came back, which gave us some great time to bond and get to know each other. I surprised my kids when I picked them up and they were in shock (I think they still are!) My daughter has been so helpful and attentive to our new little fur baby and it’s awesome to see the responsibility that it’s bringing out in her. I am so thankful that we get to be Belle’s forever home! 

Thank you!