Gleaves Enjoyed Camping For The First Time!

Oh I’m so glad you asked.  I sent a message to your facebook page.  But I’d be happy to update you all.


We decided to name him Jasper and he’s doing wonderful ! We love him soooo much.  He has adjusted so well, only a couple of accidents with potting but he’s got it now ! He loves mornings and never hesitates to wake everyone up at 7 am every day (no sleeping in with him around).  He jumps on you and then proceeds to wrestle your arm around till you wake up and smooch him.


Him and my other pupper Wizzy are fast friends and play with toys together and wrestle frequently too.  You’ll never find one without the other.


We had a big snow on Monday and it was obviously his first experience with the white cold stuff, which he doesn’t like too much on his feet.  He did realize he can dig in it to get to the grass so he’s been doing that all over the yard and has made himself a path where he doesn’t need to touch the snow at all !


He did need some vet treatment due to his skin irritation but all the redness and bald spots are completely gone now and he is growing some beautiful white soft silky fur.  People are always stopping and asking what breed he is but we haven’t had any luck figuring that out.  My groomer thinks maybe lhasa apso and west highland terrier.  But who knows and it doesn’t really matter.  I just say, “A cute mix of puppers.”


He’s such an easy going little angel, he has made friends with the chickens and a mutual love affair has developed with our Gertie (chicken), too cute.  She runs to him and he runs to her and he licks her all over.  The neighbors cat came over into the yard and I was cautious and he was such a little gentleman with her calm and curious.


He has learned so much and is so confident now.  I’ll include a couple of pictures ! One on his first camping trip.



Rebecca & Wizzy & Jasper