George aka Baxter what a turn around!!

This adorable puppy had a very rough start. He had to had surgery on his esophagus at the time of adoption. His adopter took this on because they really wanted to rescue George completely and they sure did! Look at this sweet boy! He has struck gold when it comes to a furever home. 4Paws4Life is so appreciative of what all they have done to give this guy the best life ever! Here is what the adopter has to say!

Since we last communicated, George has continued to thrive is doing just great! He is now 40 pounds (up from a mere 9 pounds prior to his esophagus surgery last year)! He LOVES going to the park and chasing anything we throw in the air. He also has quite a nose on him – he motors around most of his walks sniffing like a sleuth! We think he’s got some blood hound in him. We are so glad to have George as a part of our family, and wouldn’t trade him for the world (although our cats would probably disagree)! Attached are a few recent photos. As you can see, he is still as adorable as ever!