Fosters Save Lives like Tango and Cash

Tango and Cash were rescued in TX together. Their loving foster kept Tango and sent Cash onto 4 Paws. Fosters are the backbone of any rescue and could not save so many with out them opening their homes to help them re-group. They asked for an update which we gladly provide. It’s so important they know their pups a safe and happy! This is the update we received from Cash’s caring adopter! Thank you Terry family for giving him a happy new start!


I would be happy to provide an update on Cash. Cash is doing very well. We are still working on his house breaking (it’s getting better, but he’s still having some issues). Other than that he has fit very well into our household. He and our other dog are enjoying going to Cherry Creek off leash dog park together several times a week. Those two are getting along famously, and rarely leave each other’s sides. Here are a couple of pics, and yes, they usually sleep like this.

Let them know all is well and everyone is happy and settled!