Potential adopters must first complete an online adoption application to be considered as an adopter with 4 Paws 4 Life.  The application can be found on our Homepage and also under the “Adopt” tab of the “How to Help” drop down menu.

Approval as an adopter does not guarantee an adoption or a hold of a particular dog.  Rather, it allows you to finalize the process of the adoption at your convenience.

If you are attending our adoption events, please follow these steps:

  1. On arrival, add your name to the ‘Sign in sheet’.
  2. Using your smart phone or one of our tablets, go to 4p4l.org and click on ADOPT from the homepage. Complete the adoption application here (if you’ve not already done so prior to your arrival).
  3. When your name is called, you can visit the available dogs. Please note you must complete the application prior to visiting the available dogs.
  4. An event adoption coordinator will review your application with you.
  5. When an approved adopter wishes to finalize an adoption at our events, the adoption fee may be processed using your choice of cash, credit or debit.

If you are applying online, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to 4p4l.org and complete the adoption application.
  2. Once we receive the completed form, our Online Adoption Coordinator will communicate with you to confirm the status of your application and begin the adoption process.
  3. When an approved adopter wishes to finalize an adoption online, they must complete the adoption fee donation at 4p4l.orgby clicking on the Donate box on our Homepage.
  4. For adoptions processed online, we accept credit and debit.

Q: Why does your adoption fee seem so high? That seems like a lot for a dog that is in “need” of a home.

A: All of our adoptable dogs come fully vetted.  On average, a young, healthy dog will cost us anywhere between $150 and $400 to make them ready for adoption.  Unfortunately, some of our rescue dogs have more expensive health issues that we treat, including heartworm, which can run anywhere between $500 and $1500.  Fees from the younger, more adoptable dogs often help offset the cost of caring for our more expensive cases.  We also offer vetting for seven days after the adoption at our vet free of charge for issues that might come up like Kennel cough and other shelter related illnesses.

Q. What is your return policy?

If you are looking to return your adopted dog or puppy to us, you will need to email us directly to explain your situation.
Please email: info@4p4l.org

4 Paws 4 Life Rescue is a foster-based rescue therefore we may not always be in a position to accept returned adoptions immediately. We cannot accept your return animal without additional information from you and the opportunity to assess your dog’s behavior. You will be put on a wait list for a foster home this could take a week or more. All returns must happen with a pre-arranged appointment. We will not accept any animal without prior arrangement. 

In order to return your pet, you must do the following:
1.  Have attempted professional training for behavioral issues. Proof will be required.
2.  Have proof of vet visit no more than one week prior to return.
3.  Your dog must be up-to-date on all age appropriate vaccinations. 
4.  You will be required to have your original adoption paperwork.
5.  All Adoption fees are non refundable. If a return is made, you will be given a tax deductible contribution form. 


Q:Where do you get your dogs?

A: 4Paws4Life saves dogs from the high-kill shelters from Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico.

Q: I can no longer care for my dog and want you to take him/her – what do I have to do?

A: 4p4l  Rescue’s mission is to save dogs from shelters who are on borrowed time before being put to sleep. At this time, we are not accepting owner-surrenders. By pulling from shelters only, we are able to save not only the life of the dog we pull, but another by opening up space.

Q: What if my dog gets sick after adoption?

A: You can take your dog/puppy for seven days after adoption to our vet . You must email and get confirmation through our vet coordinator  tina@4p4l.org before taking the dog in to be seen. After seven days you are responsible for all medical care as per the adoption agreement you signed, unless other arrangements have been made. Each adopter has the option to purchase a pet insurance policy which covers various illnesses due to parasites, worms or even eating objects they shouldn’t. You will receive copies of all veterinary records with your adoption.

Q: What is included in your adoption fee?

A:  All 4Paws4Life rescue dogs have been fully vaccinated (with the exception of puppies, who may need boosters after adoption, depending on age), spayed or neutered, microchipped,  dewormed and are HW free. Unless otherwise noted.

Q: How do I verify that a particular dog is available?

A: Dogs profiled on our website are indeed still available for adoption. However, a particular dog could have applications in process. Since we don’t know whether an in-hand application will make it through to approval, we don’t want to discourage you unnecessarily. If you apply for a dog that already has previous applications, your application can still be accepted for processing. If the dog IS approved for adoption by a previous applicant, an Adoption Coordinator would work with you to find another dog (perhaps one that isn’t even profiled on our website yet) that is a great match for your household and the characteristics you’re seeking.

Q: I want to adopt but am going out of town in the next month or so; can you hold the dog for me?

A: No. That isn’t fair to the dog, the foster home, or other interested applicants. If you know that you’ll be going on a vacation where you can’t take your new dog with you, please wait until you return before applying to adopt. We will not “hold” dogs for anyone not ready to take receipt immediately upon being approved.

Q: Is the adoption fee negotiable?

A: No. We do set the adoption fee as low as we can to stay operational and help cover our costs of caring for the dogs we save. On average, it costs us significantly MORE than the amount of the adoption fee to provide each dog complete medical and other needed care. We do recognize that many loving applicants have financial hardships. Are adult dog adoption fees are lower to help people who can’t afford the higher price of adopting a puppy.Nevertheless, we have to recognize that folks who are not financially able (or willing) to cover our modest adoption fee are likely not able (or willing) to provide the on-going vet care that we consider essential for responsible pet ownership.

Q: Can I visit a dog outside of your event times?

A: All of our dogs are currently in foster care, so the only times to see them are at our events. Each dog is fostered so if you have specific questions about our dogs, we ask that you please come to our event to speak with us regarding the dog, Our event times and locations could change each week so please look at our website for all information on store location. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE STORES. They do not have specific information on our animals.


Q: Are these pups purebred?

A: 4P4l does occasionally get pure bred puppies and dogs.   Most of our dogs/pups are mutts, or MIXED breeds. If you want a pure breed please go to:  allbreedrescuenetwork.com or type your breed search into PETFINDER and expand your search to surrounding states. 4p4l does not have the ability to call each potential adopter. Please check our website on Mondays and Wednesdays for all updates.


Q: I want a young puppy, because someone told me that older dogs do not bond to people very fast. Is that true?

A: Adult dogs come to us from a wide range of backgrounds and sometimes it does take them a while to settle in and learn to trust their humans. In almost all cases, however, an adopted dog that is shown patience, consistency, and tender loving care will come to bond tightly with you. In fact, many rescued dogs who knew hardships in their former lives will demonstrate a particularly strong appreciation and gratitude for their new home. It could take a few days or perhaps a few weeks to develop that bond– or sometimes it’s a matter of just a few hours — but whatever the length of time, it will be worth it.


Q: Someone told me that since I have a male dog I should only adopt a female, or I have a female I should only adopt a male, so that I don’t have two of the same sex. Is that true?

A: Many people do hold the view that males and females tend to do better together than same-sex pairs, because a male dog and a female dog will tend to see each other more as companions and less as competition. However, for dogs that are spayed/neutered, the gender is usually less of a factor than is overall personality. While it’s true that serious dog fights are more often between dogs of the same sex, same-sex dogs often form very close friendships.