Embark DNA testing is an innovative approach to identifying the genetic makeup of rescued pets. It allows adopters to gain insight into the breeds that make up your furry friends, as well as their predispositions to certain health conditions.

When we rescue a pet, it is often difficult to know their true genetic background. We often make an educated guess based on physical characteristics, but it can be challenging to determine a pet’s breed makeup without DNA testing. Embark DNA testing solves this problem by providing adopters with an accurate analysis of their pet’s genetic makeup.

Embark DNA testing is a simple process. Adopters order a DNA testing kit online, and it is delivered to their home. The kit includes a cheek swab that the adopter uses to collect a DNA sample from their pet. The swab is then sent back to the Embark lab for analysis. In a few weeks, adoptive parents receive a detailed report that includes a breakdown of their pet’s breed, ancestry, and a list of genetic health risks to watch out for.

One of the biggest benefits of Embark DNA testing is the ability to identify genetic health risks. The report includes information on potential genetic disorders that your pet may be predisposed to, allowing pet owners to take preventative measures to keep their furry family members healthy. Additionally, the report provides information on the likelihood of certain traits, such as coat, color, and size, which can be helpful for those adopting a pet very young.

Embark DNA testing is also useful for owners who are curious about their pet’s ancestry. Many rescued pets have unknown backgrounds, and adopters may be interested in learning more about their pet’s heritage. The report can provide insight into the breeds that make up your pet’s genetic makeup, giving you a better understanding of their pet’s personality traits and behavior.

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