Training: GoodPup Gives Back to 4P4L Pets

4 Paws 4 Life (4P4L) believes that dog training is a fundamental part of people and pets building lasting bonds. That’s why 4P4L is proud to announce a new partnership with GoodPup, the nation’s leading dog training over video chat service.

Our partnership with GoodPup makes adopting a dog even better. Together, we provide 1 free week of training with every adoption from 4P4L, 20% lifetime discount, and a GoodPup donation to 4P4L to help more pets. It’s never been easier to start off on the right paw!


GoodPup believes training is easier, more enjoyable, efficient and effective when done in the familiar surroundings of a dog’s own home with its owner, rather than a stranger. Using video chat, GoodPup connects dog owners with certified trainers to teach basic cues and advanced behavior on topics like crate training, barking, begging and jumping. Not only does one-on-one virtual training lead to a more well-behaved dog, but also a happier pup and owner experience from the first moment of training throughout their adult life.

Still need to work on some manners with your long-time pal? We’ve got you covered! Just use the button below to access one free week of training with GoodPup. You’ll get the one-on-one expert help you need and 4 Paws 4 Life will receive a generous donation.


“When dogs are placed in a new home, we hope it’s forever. Building a bond with a new dog during the first few weeks of ownership is critical for long term success, and training helps build that bond” said Kait Hembree, head of training at GoodPup. “GoodPup provides the comfort of a supportive community, a positive training curriculum, and mentorship. More owners adopting a dog training lifestyle leads to fewer dogs being surrendered back to shelters.”

“In an average month, we often place more than 400 dogs, many to first-time owners who could greatly benefit from a solution like GoodPup. Thanks to this partnership, we’re able to start dogs on the right track from day one, offering much needed support and ensuring greater long-term success and happiness for both the dog and owner,” said Torre Chisholm, Development Director for Friends of PACC. “We’re so thankful for GoodPup’s commitment to reduce dog surrenders and for their ongoing financial support that allows us t