Destro our “Diamond in the Ruff” Pup of the Week


Approximately 6 1/2 years ago a Beagle and a Pug fell in love and decided to make a baby Puggle. This little Puggle eventually lived with a human, as all Puggles do, and they decided to make him Destro. Destro is a role on GI Joe so I think that Human was a fan? Fast forward to October 2017 when another human girl who has been doing dog rescue on and off for 7 years sees Destro on Facebook. He’s found himself in an Animal shelter in east Texas and this young lady couldn’t resist his Egyptian eyeliner and underbite. The girl fostered a Puggle named Jerry 6 years ago and boy was he a ham sandwich of a dog. She loved Jerry a lot! The girl checked on Destro every day for 2 months and no one came for him. She believed that surely someone would as puggles are highly sought after at stupid, terrible pet stores who sell puppy mill dogs, but alas she was wrong, no one did. Was the lack of interest due to location? Was it because Destro was middle-aged? Was it because he was heartworm positive? The girl wasn’t sure. At any rate she knew she had to do something because she didn’t want him to die due to lack of space at said shelter. You see, in the South people don’t value puppies as much as we do in Colorado and sometimes (all the time) we have to discover a way for Texas-born dogs to come to Colorado to find a good home. Several phone calls, texts, Facebook comments later and Destro is free from the shelter and heading to a veterinarian clinic where he will spend 2 weeks hanging out until his ride to Colorado comes through. On December 21, 2017 @ 9:00AM he finally arrived. The girl couldn’t wait to meet him. It was snowing and the roads were icy but she made it. The first thing she did was take him for a walk so that he could do a #1. It had been a few hours. After he found a suitable tree and managed his business he demanded eye contact with the girl. She crouched down to say hello where she was met with wet slobbery kisses. Destro was very grateful for the girl that saved him and he wanted to express his appreciation. Dogs are very smart and they never forget you if you are the one who saves them. Destro spent his Christmas with the girls crazy family and friends. He loved humans of all sizes, dogs of all sizes and cats too! After living with Destro for a few weeks the girl couldn’t see why his previous humans never looked for him in the shelter or why no one wanted him locally? Her only conclusion was that he is too tender. He is a Velcro dog who will come with you to the restroom, spoon you on the couch, and cry if you leave to go to work.

Destro went to the vet here in Colorado where they gave him another heartworm test and when he came back positive they started him on antibiotics. He will need 3 shots that will kill those pesky, creepy heart dwellers then he will be healthy. The Rescue will pay for that if you can’t. The vet said he has no damage to his heart, which made the girl really happy.

Anyway, Destro needs a home again. A home where the humans who live there will be willing to keep him on heartworm preventative and look for him if he gets lost. He is potty trained, listens well, and walks well on a leash. He’s equal parts lazy and motivated so not a total dud but also not irritating. He is sooo happy, like happier than Sponge Bob Square pants! If you need affection, enthusiasm, companionship, and you love hearing snorts then Destro just may be your man.

To meet Destro go to to fill out an application.

Please come and check this boy out! He will be at events this weekend!