Dane and Fantine Instantly Loved Each Other!

    Dane and Fantine, now Moose and Polly were adopted several months apart but were very meant to be together. Dane came from NM and Fantine from TX. Dane was adopted in October and his family fell in love. They reached out to us about adopting another Great Dane and we had Fantine coming on the way. Both also love the Cocker Spaniel puppy. What’s not to love about a Cocker Spaniel puppy! Enjoy their story!


“Dane is doing wonderful, goes by Moose, and adjusting so well. He’s extremely loving to everyone and very bonded to me.


He loves our Cocker Spaniel puppy and they play constantly. He’s not food or toy aggressive in the least but is kind and gentle when the pup or our youngest walks up. He begins formal training Saturday and the trainer thinks he will be remarkable based off early testing indicators.


He’s been with me virtually every moment the past 2.5 days. I’m slowly recovering from influenza and Rick literally had to carry him outside to potty the first day as he wouldn’t leave my side. Thank you for giving us the gift of him. He’s very special.

(second update)

Hey guys just wanted you to see the first of the 3s! Fantine’s awesome with the kids also. Both of them are. Thank you for allowing us to adopt not just Moose fka Dane and Polly fka Fantine. ”