Cooper aka Hoop got a hold of his Mom’s cell phone and sent us a message!

update on Cooper (fka Hoop) mom left her phone open so I type this. It’s me Hoop, well I’m Coop now. I has lots of toys to play with. mom taught me how to sit, shake hands, lie down, roll over, stay and come. working on other commands too. I walk better on a leash, but I don’t like it, I like laying in the grass more. my young human leaves food for me to pick up and her toys are super fun! mom sings to me and plays fun games with me. I like it here, these humans are fun, I even got a doggie cousin and other small humans to play with that mom calls her niece and nephew. mom is taking me to a training class to help me be a better behaved doggie and not jump on people, but everyone is my friend and I’m excited and want to say hello! mom says I have to learn better doggie manners so we are going to dog training classes soon. new friends to meet! mom gives me yummy puppy food and lots of treats! I’m a happy boy! I even get to sleep next to mom and I sit in her lap. she says I’m not a lap dog, but I says I am so I sits where I want!