Cookie you are supposed to read the books, not eat them!


Cookie (now, Chance) is so good and HUGE! He is healthy, weighs about 95 pounds and just ran four miles with his dad yesterday. He loves, loves, loves his big sister, Bentley. In fact, he has to give her kisses every night before bed. He is a social butterfly with both humans and dogs. Butt scratches are his favorite and he always sleeps with one paw tucked underneath him.
We can’t thank you enough for fostering our fur baby. He is a dream (even when he tears up whole novels and eats my eyeshadow palette), and we can’t imagine our family without him. I’m sure it can’t be easy taking care of a litter of puppies and that it’s even harder to let them go. But God used you to start Chance’s life off right and to complete our family. I hope this brings you peace and joy knowing that Chance is healthy, strong, and loved beyond belief.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Carolotta & Stephen