Check out the first year with Leilani

Well, it’s been just over a year since we adopted Leilani (‘Heavenly Flower’ in Hawaiian), and she has become such a treasured member of our family.  She was very timid at first, especially around me.  That was a good sign she’d been abused by a male at some point.  Now she is totally relaxed and comfortable around everyone.  Her older brother Oreo (6 yo male cat) and her are constantly playing and roughhousing.  We had her DNA tested and she is mostly Australian Cattle Dog, with some German Sheppard and Dachshund.     Her Cattle Dog really shows through the most though.  She is constantly trying to herd everyone around the house.  We have had our moments over the year.  Leilani was bitten by a rattler not too long after sh’e healed from the leg injury she had when we adopted her.  We were sure we were going to lose her like we did our precious Kona, but our little miracle girl pulled through like a champ.  This year we got her the immunization against Rattler bites and we are so thankful we did.  Just about 3 weeks ago she was bitten again right on her nose.  We took her to the vet and all she needed was a pain shot, a steroid shot, some Benadryl for the swelling, and she was just fine.  I would strongly suggest that you advise any adoptive ‘parents’  to get that shot for their dog if they live in snake country.  Even with the shot we are no longer letting her out in the back yard unless we thoroughly check for snakes.  Mostly Karen is just taking her out in the front on a leash.  After 5 years at our current house with not a single snake sighting, they’ve gotten so bad now we are looking for another place to live just so we can keep Leilani safe.  We are so happy and grateful to have Leilani in our life, and we wanted to just say thank you for all you do to get these dogs a forever home. -Todd and Karen