Cass nka Arrow’s adopter proves what a little patience and love can do for a rescued dog!

I just wanted to give you an update on her (I got her Fall 2015). The first few months were tough as she was so fearful, unsocialized, and not house trained. I almost returned her…but I stuck it out. She had an old leg injury, likely from her time being homeless in NM. I recently had surgery done on the leg and hopefully it will be fully functional once she heals. Overall she has really blossomed and is doing great. People who see her and know what she was like before say it’s like she’s a different dog. My sister calls her The Princess, as she’s pretty well loved and spoiled. She’s also very smart and beautiful — people comment on her all the time.
Anyway, thank you for bringing her to me, she’s an awesome dog.
A. Nadeau