Our Bryne Miss Wiggle Butt: Rescued from unspeakable situation to being a patient for Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet


Brynne Miss Wiggle Butt was rescued from an unspeakable hoarding situation is TX.  LMHS took her and many others into their care and gave them their lives back. Most needed medical treatment and mostly some tender loving care to feel safe again. After months of rehabilitation Brynne came to our rescue. Her foster in TX named her Wiggle Butt because even with all she had been through, she wagged nonstop so hard her entire back end would wiggle!


Brynne was adopted by the caring employees at the Colorado Lutheran Home in Arvada. They knew she would be a wonderful therapy dog for their residents and she has exceeded their expectations. Brynne visits with them and they love to see her everyday. Her favorite thing to do is play ball and romp in the snow. They noticed several months after they had her she started to limp and it became apparent she had a problem with her front leg. They took her to their vet and discovered she had possibly had a break that never healed correctly when she was a puppy. Several options were discussed. Medication, corrective surgery, or amputation. Colorado Lutheran Home decided to reach out to Dr. Jeff:Rocky Mountain Vet. They agreed to help.

Her story aired on Animal Planet Go on March 25th. The episode is called “Picking up the Pieces”. It can been seen online or you can record it using your cable provider. It will keep airing.

We are excited to follow her progress!