Brutis Had a Very Fun Halloween!

“Brutis is adjusting well. He is so cute and so smart. If the foster family began to house train him, I want to thank them! I just thought he was brilliant because he is going to the patio door to go outside to potty. We are still working on that a little bit. His sister (our bichon named Frankie who is 12 and adopted from a Denver shelter) has shown him how to use the doggie door. Which he has already used! He comes back into the house through the doggie door but hasn’t used it to go outside yet.

He is so attentive. When he is outside, he hears EVERYTHNG, stops, and looks around. Brutis likes to be a bit bitey with his little puppy teeth, so Frankie is keeping her distance for now. However, I am sure that their friendship will blossom in no time since Frankie is used to being around other dogs and Brutis is very friendly. When I take him outside in the backyard, he investigates everything. At night when I go out with him, he seems a little timid. For example, if I turn on the outside light and my body casts a shadow, he is very wary of that! Also, he has found his reflection in the patio door and in a full length mirrored closet door…sometimes does a little tough bark at that “other” dog. Everything is NEW 

Oh my! He loves his doggie toys. We have a big basket of toys by one of the doggie beds in the den. All by himself and without any prompting from me, my husband (Dave), or Frankie, he pulled out about ¾ of the toys. He doesn’t seem to have a favorite toy yet and seems to like them all. He sleeps pretty much though the night, either on the doggie bed on my husband’s side of the bed or on the pillow on my side of the bed. He is still learning to navigate the stairs in our home. At first, I had the stair guard up because, while he could go up, he was having trouble going down and I was afraid he would hurt himself. When I would go from one floor to the other and leave him behind, he would whimper because he want to be with me (same behavior with my husband). He is doing better with the stairs now and has learned that he has to go down them a little more slowly.

My 2 grown children (Erin, 29, and Gareth, 26) are coming over tomorrow night for a pumpkin carving and dinner. I think Erin is bringing her rescue dog, Krissy, who is shih tzu mix. While I still work (librarian at Auraria Library, University of Colorado Denver), my husband is retired and mostly at home during the day with Brutis and Frankie.

I must say….it was love at first sight, for me and I think for Brutis. I am so very glad that he had a wonderful foster family who took such excellent care of him and loved him until he came to his forever home. ”

My very best,