Bruna Finally Picked her Human!

Bruna came from the Houston area in May of 2017. She did not find her human until April of 2018. Not from lack of trying on her part or ours. She tried several homes. All good people but just not the right fit for her. Pretty sure she just loved us and was naughty to get back. Bruna stayed in our boarding facility!  She obviously love it! Who wouldn’t!

For months she went to events and was overlooked or tried different homes.  Also in the meantime “gained” a few. It happens 🙂

Finally her human Taylor and her met.  She was up to her old tricks but he helped her through it.

            ” I may have had to lose a few”


“Hi thanks for getting in touch. Bruna is adjusting well and seems very happy. We have been doing walks daily and I have her on a weight formula food. She is very sweet.  We have been walking . She seems healthy and her fur seems to be getting healthier also.  At this point I believe we have bonded and would like to continue caring for her. She definitely comes with a different set of rules due to her size but we are working together on those obstacles. ”

New update we just received. She is at a healthy weight, loves the outdoors and is very sweet. Very loved by everyone that meets her.

Well done Bruna and Taylor!