Belle’s Family Sent a New Update

We love getting new updates! Belle is still doing awesome. She had a rough patch but her wonderful family got help from a trainer and all is well. Belle came here with 10 puppies. They were rescued from a horrible hoarding situation in TX. All are doing remarkable. Some even got together for a puppy playmate reunion. Enjoy the new update and pictures!


She’s doing great. We took her to training. She may always have an aggressiveness toward certain dogs, but we know her limitations and signs now. She’s actually getting better with our cats. And, if I’m in the room and one comes slinking through– I can call her to me and tell her to stay. She does and doesn’t go after the cat– always obeying. She’s such a good girl and a blessing to us. She is ridiculously funny the way she plays and runs through the house like an oaf running into doors, cabinets and sliding because her feet don’t grip on the wood flooring. She loves her little sister and plays frequently with her and our neighbor, Buddy. All three dogs came from your shelter. She is amazingly great with our kids (5,10, and 14)! We’ve had toddler’s over and were worried, but she’s so gentle and kind and loving to everyone.

We don’t know all of her past, but we think . . . are we the only ones who have ever shown her love? Is this the only home where she has been safe and secure? We sort of feel that way– by the way she reacts, responds, comforts and loves on us. Anyway, please know how blessed we are for those that rescue in bad situations, for those that witness only the yuk of the rescue, so that we, and our furry children, may receive the benefit of their hard work. We love so much to have completed our family with Belle.

I’ve enclosed some photos of her. Some are from our most recent camping trip, another from her playing “my little pony” with Scarlett, and another with Jase during our homeschool day.

Jason and Melissa