Bear’s 1 Year Update, Check Out Before and After Transformation

This is a picture of Bear in his old life before he was rescued. The transformation these pups make is always very heartwarming and why we do this. His name is now Frankie and he is a totally different happy boy! Thank you Sarah for the update and loving him so much!



Hi, Remember Bear? It’s hard to forget that picture of him in his former home where they kept him in a kennel.   Well, he goes by Frankie now.  I got him from 4p4l May 25, 2016.  As you can see from his pictures he’s a very happy guy now.  He loves to play fetch, play with squeaky toys and go to the dog park.  He was with you guys for awhile, i believe.  Not many were interested in a 5 year old dog that’s not good with cats or kids.  But, we were a perfect match!  He moved in and had a very easy transition, no accidents, no chewing, does well on a leash and loves his human unconditionally.  He’s brought me so much joy and he really is a great dog. I’ve attached photos, the center picture is from his 6th birthday party where everyone came to play with him and bring him toys and treats. I think it was the best day of his life. Thanks for saving this great guy so he could make his way to me!”