Ava aka Eva Happy Life of Chasing Balls and the Kitty!


To everyone at 4 Paws 4 Life,
My husband and I adopted Eva (who was formally known as Ava) about a month ago and since then she has been settling into our home perfectly. She LOVES to chase our cat… that cat is not really a fan of Eva. Haha
We live in the mountains and Eva loves to watch the deer and elk outside the window and enjoys going on hikes and playing fetch in the meadow.
She is a very mellow puppy, she doesn’t bark much and is very gentle with the neighbor kids. For such a young puppy Eva is very smart. She is almost fully potty trained and has not once eaten or taken anything that did not belong to her. She is such a good dog!
To say that we love her is an understatement, Eva has a forever bed in our hearts and home.
Thank you for all that you do for the animals. ❤️

-Anna and Patrick